An Interior is the natural projection of the soul

Our Services...

  • Design of luxurious and stylish interiors for private residences. 
  • Commercial interiors including hotels, casinos and restaurant design
  • Model Merchandising
  • Creation of artworks and ornaments
  • Interior detail including in-depth millwork and built-in designs
  • Space planning, room layouts and creative redlining
  • Consulting
  • Colour makeovers
  • Design, sourcing  and procurement
My greatest endeavour with each project is that I listen carefully to your every wish; I work side by side to assist you with the selection of motifs, colours, fabrics, furnishing, and accessories to compliment and enhance your exclusively designed new lifestyle.
My company exercises many old world, valued approaches to design:
  • KISS principle
  • There is more than one way to do it – multiple methods of doing the same thing
  • User centered design - two ways, firstly goals and task, secondly needs, wants and limitations
I apply my methods of design to the same old world approach:
  • Exploring
  • Redefining
  • Managing
  • Prototyping
  • Trend spotting

Your needs become my platform from which I conceive your exclusive design, based on your wants, your needs, your desires.

Italy rules the world in furniture and design.

Italian quality and attention to detail is like no other in the world. Italian furniture is not just furniture it is also art. Italian craftsmanship has been handed down generation after generation for over 2,000 years! The Italian artist and designers are the most creative on earth and always in such a classic modern way. Like most European workers, a furniture designer in Italy will be employed at only one company for his entire life. In addition, most likely his father worked in the same trade, and his grandfather, and his great grandfather, all the way back to Michelangelo. Throughout history, Italian artist and craftsman have captured the imagination of art lovers word-wide. Italy is still doing it today. The best contemporary furniture designs today come from the old world. It particular Italy.